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What will AI ultimately mean to humankind? According to business leaders, social influencers, legendary intellects and emerging thinkers, AI will: Put an end to work Change the world more than anything else in history Amplify human intelligence Reinvent the way people interact with technology Lead to the end of the world Challenge our ethics Optimize production Exploit workers Increase bias and discrimination Allow us all to be more creative Affect billions of people’s privacy Make mistakes Be the best or worst thing for humanity Those wildly disparate beliefs come from sources as varied as Stephen Hawking, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Kathy Pham, Elon Musk and Alan Turing. We won’t use this space

By Randy Mitchell   This is the story of an accomplished professional. She always had interesting points to make about her industry, company, and other important topics. People respected her opinions both inside and outside of her firm. They honored her with glowing terms, like “subject matter expert,” “mentor” and “innovator.”   But one fateful morning, she transformed from being a thought leader into a dweeb. How did this travesty happen?   The sad truth is she gave a dweebinar and the whole industry was watching.   At this point, you’re probably asking, “What is a dweebinar? And why should I care?”   Both good questions.   First answer: A dweebinar is a webinar that goes from being informative to intolerable because

by Kathryn Brill, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist It’s a problem every marketer has faced at least once: how do we figure out where our traffic is coming from? Without this vital information, it’s difficult to tell which marketing programs are working, what audience you’re reaching, or where more lead generation efforts might be needed. Whether you’re serving links in ads you buy, in emails you send, or in social media posts, you may be getting traffic without knowing what’s driving it. However, pinpointing traffic sources can feel daunting. Especially for smaller marketing teams without the resources for data experts on staff, the world of digital media tracking and attribution seems

by Jeff Andrews, VP Client Services HAL 9000, your Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, is here. Well, actually, it’s Alexa, Siri, and if you still watch SNL, Echo Silver. Love the ‘Uh huh’ feature. So how is artificial intelligence driving marketing? Let’s ask BOOMMER, our smart, in-house Type I, AI partner. BTW, the staff wanted an agency dog, management said ‘no’. ‘BOOMMER, can you give us some examples of AI in the marketing world?’ ‘Sure, Boss.’ ‘See, I told you he was smart.’ ‘AI is being used to create highly personalized website visits which leads to better CRO (conversion rate optimization). Netflix, LinkedIn, Amazon and Spotify all customize your user experience based on your viewing habits, business contacts, past purchases and

What’s the recipe for award-winning digital media? Is it viral status, a huge production budget—or simply good quality work that meets client needs? Here at Boomm, we just won three MarCom Awards for our digital media work—two Gold Awards and one Platinum Award. So we have a little idea about some of the ingredients that go into successful digital media that gets noticed. First off, award-winning digital media is exciting and fun—no matter the industry, it finds the angle that captivates audiences and makes them eager to learn more. Our capabilities video for StandFast Group, a corrugated packaging company, communicated the message that their boxes rock. The value proposition—that StandFast will deliver

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director Did you ever have superhero aspirations when you were younger? I certainly did. I always wanted to be the Flash. There were two reasons for this longing. First, I thought his lightning bolt logo was pretty cool. Second, I was a chubby kid who invariably finished last in any race. So far, I have not made it into the superhero pantheon. But I am happy to say that I do work with some true marketing superheroes on a daily basis. I call this brave assembly the Omnichannel Marketing Avengers and they have the power to save any campaign. Just like the vaunted Avengers of Marvel comic book and movie

Making strategic marketing choices gets complicated. Sometimes you need some reinforcement that you’re on the right track. B2B marketing statistics can shed light on everything from blogging to social media usage. Here are six surprising statistics from various areas of B2B marketing—and why they matter: Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. (State of Inbound Marketing) It often feels very difficult to generate leads using social media, since it can be a casual environment and many users follow companies without ever interacting with them. But there’s a far greater chance that your social media leads will convert than that someone will respond to a print ad or

A well-made online marketing tool can help you take a project from good to great or understand why your efforts to reach people didn’t pan out. But there are so many great tools available today that it often seems daunting to find new ones. Some Boommers recently attended the Social Media Masters Summit in Chicago, a day of learning from brand marketers on the cutting edge hosted by Digital Megaphone. We came away with some great new insights, as well as some helpful marketing tools. Here are three of the best new-to-us online marketing tools we discovered, and why we think they’re awesome: SpyFu. What if you could shore up your own

In recent years, many B2B marketers have come to the sad realization that the effectiveness of marketing tactics such as print ads and trade shows is fading fast. Rather than paying for pricey print ads that their customers will probably never see, many B2B marketers have begun moving their promotions online to generate new sales leads. According to a 2013 study by the Business Marketing Association and Omobono, digital marketing now accounts for 42% of B2B marketing expenditures. But, digital marketing success requires more than an attractive website. You also have to make sure that customers and prospects can find your company online. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. If you’re

It’s that time of the year again! As the New Year begins, many industry groups and publications are peering into their crystal balls to predict what will be hot – and what will not – in the coming year. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and communications. At Boomm, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends to help you build your business. And we understand that you don’t have time to read what every industry expert is predicting for 2014. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the top 2014 marketing trends and predictions from top industry thought leaders – including the Content Marketing Institute (CMI)