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Announcing Boomm’s Award-Winning Digital Media

award-winning digital media

What’s the recipe for award-winning digital media? Is it viral status, a huge production budget—or simply good quality work that meets client needs?

Here at Boomm, we just won three MarCom Awards for our digital media work—two Gold Awards and one Platinum Award. So we have a little idea about some of the ingredients that go into successful digital media that gets noticed.

First off, award-winning digital media is exciting and fun—no matter the industry, it finds the angle that captivates audiences and makes them eager to learn more. Our capabilities video for StandFast Group, a corrugated packaging company, communicated the message that their boxes rock. The value proposition—that StandFast will deliver with timely, high-quality product—was presented with a lively soundtrack and eye-catching graphics. We feel this energetic video demonstrates something important: B2B brand strategy doesn’t have to be boring. MarCom recognized our work on this video with a Platinum Award. award-winning digital media

The best digital media also helps businesses position themselves as thought leaders in their industry and educate their customers and prospects. Like the business blog for Magnetrol International, Inc., a global manufacturer of level and flow instrumentation, which won a MarCom Gold Award. The blog addresses a wide variety of topics relevant to a manufacturing audience, from solutions to difficult applications to explorations of new technology. We worked with Magnetrol to make it a one-stop shop for customers and prospects to find everything they need to know. And in the process, we solidified Magnetrol as experts in their field with relevant, applicable knowledge that can be trusted.

Great digital media takes multiple areas of marketing strategy into account and utilizes a big-picture approach. Take Boomm’s work on a corporate website for RhinoDox, an information management software company, which won a MarCom Gold award. This website uses clean, vibrant design, thorough SEO strategy and informative content to establish a strong digital presence for RhinoDox. It’s not just a compelling site—it also has the strategy behind it to help RhinoDox reach the top of search and drive customer engagement. And the site also functioned as one piece of a larger strategic puzzle. When paired with a content marketing and lead generation campaign, the site helped to deliver 400 marketing qualified leads per month.

There’s no foolproof recipe for award-winning digital media. But when you create high-quality content that helps your clients meet their strategic goals, your media stands out from the crowd — and people take notice.