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How our customer journey marketing process works


The B2B customer journey is one of the most complex, uncertain and untapped forces in marketing.

Trying to confine it is futile, because the customer is always in control. Trying to interrupt it is foolish, because your target will move on in a heartbeat.

With something so individual and instantaneous, how can any process be truly effective? The answer may surprise you.

The most effective customer journey marketing process is as fluid as the journey itself.

Your customer’s unique path should dictate your approach. Their actions will reveal the interests, motivators and pain points that matter most. You can use those insights to start a meaningful dialogue in real time. And you can keep relevant information flowing through the channels that your customer prefers.

As a result, your customers and prospects will be engaged, informed and ready to take action. And your business will be the logical, effective and natural way to go.

The full process

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our customer journey marketing
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Notes from the journey

At Boomm, the customer journey sparks everything we do.
To illustrate that point, here are a few insights from our team.

“Overcome their issues”

“No prospect is going to blindly tell you what is driving their buying decision. But if you can supply tools that help them overcome their issues, you’ll always be welcome on the customer journey. That knowledge is what our marketing technology delivers.”

– Gary Mattes, Chief Executive Officer

“Most exciting part”

“The most exciting part of the journey is the discovery meeting. That’s when we first sit down with our clients and talk about their goals and the road ahead. At the end of the day, everyone is energized by the potential of more effective marketing programs.”

– Jeff Andrews, Vice President of Client Services

“Keys to the kingdom”

“For many years, media organizations operated like small, controlling kingdoms that set their own rules and fiercely guarded their borders. The marketing world is now more connected and collaborative than ever before. Today, the customer holds the keys to the kingdom.”

– Dane Prickett, Media Director

“The creative side of big data”

“Some creatives hate big data. They see it as the Borg: an emotionless slayer of original thinking. But what if all that data actually helped you tell a better story? And what if it fueled breakthrough ideas for engaging the customer? That’s the creative side of big data.”

– Randy Mitchell, Creative Director

“Beyond the basics”

“Anyone can ask the basic marketing questions and react to fundamental needs. But it is only when you think beyond the basics—when you push for deeper insights and motivators—that you can truly address the client’s concerns.”

– Fred Gaede, Chief Creative Officer