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July 2018

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by Jeff Andrews, VP Client Services HAL 9000, your Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, is here. Well, actually, it’s Alexa, Siri, and if you still watch SNL, Echo Silver. Love the ‘Uh huh’ feature. So how is artificial intelligence driving marketing? Let’s ask BOOMMER, our smart, in-house Type I, AI partner. BTW, the staff wanted an agency dog, management said ‘no’. ‘BOOMMER, can you give us some examples of AI in the marketing world?’ ‘Sure, Boss.’ ‘See, I told you he was smart.’ ‘AI is being used to create highly personalized website visits which leads to better CRO (conversion rate optimization). Netflix, LinkedIn, Amazon and Spotify all customize your user experience based on your viewing habits, business contacts, past purchases and

by Fred Gaede, Chief Creative Officer What’s your process for taking notes during a meeting? Do you use your smartphone or prefer a legal pad and pen? Maybe you would prefer to simply record the meeting and listen to it later. However you choose to go about it, proper note taking remains an important aspect of generating good creative. In marketing, a good creative solution has to be more than simply eye-catching or clever. It has to work! It not only must capture the audiences’ attention, it also must to deliver on the approved strategy and value proposition. This information is typically what is covered in a creative launch meeting.  Of course you