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December 2018

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by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director This summer I witnessed true genius take shape. For a few memorable weeks, the world’s greatest rebranding expert set up shop under my own roof. It was a wild, exhilarating and constantly surprising experience. In fact, I’m still trying to find the right words to capture it all, so please bear with me.  Legend in our garden This unexpected story started back in early August. It was a warm, tranquil summer evening and my wife and I were catching up on our yard work. I was watering a parched garden bed when I had the unsettling sensation that someone was silently observing me. I cautiously looked up, and there

by Kathryn Brill, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist The end of the year is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing. No, not holiday food—planning your content marketing for 2019. This crucial activity involves budgeting, taking stock of the successes and failures of the past year, and often, putting together an editorial calendar. These shiny documents often represent sincere hopes for the next year and a genuine desire to follow a strategic plan for content marketing. However, putting one together can be overwhelming, and frequently these calendars are abandoned quickly after hitting snags in the new year—or never used at all. But when used right, editorial calendars are some of the

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director If you’re a sensitive creative, please skip over the next sentence because I am going to use a four-letter word. That offensive term is spec. Sorry. I’m blushing too. Spec creative is essentially speculative conceptual work that is intended to demonstrate how a prospective agency partner thinks. In this capacity, spec is occasionally required in the B2B marketing RFP process. The company issuing the RFP might challenge the agency to “show us some ideas” based on very limited input. Some people insist that spec creative is a necessary evil. I can’t agree with the necessary part. But evil is spot on. There are multiple reasons spec is unwelcome, and some

by Fred Gaede, Chief Creative Officer “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” You’ve likely heard this quote before. And while its origin may be under dispute, its underlying truth is not. Keeping your communications short and to the point takes effort and it takes additional time. This is true for copy as well as for design. While you may need to sacrifice a bit of style, keeping your messaging free from unnecessary distractions offers great benefits. According to one study, the average attention span of a modern human is about 8 seconds. When it comes to digital marketing and effective communication, I would say that it

by Jeff Andrews, VP Client Services We live in a world filled with video. It’s been a staple in B2C for years. Is it time for you to consider video in your B2B world? You bet. Why B2B Videos? Videos provide a snapshot of your brand: We all know that videos can be more engaging than reading. They’re quick, easy to consume and tend to be more memorable than the written word. Short 60 to 90-second videos can create top of funnel awareness for your brand and demonstrate what differentiates you from your competitors. Videos create trust: Videos are a great way to put a face to your company. They can give insight into

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director I am about to violate a sacred rule. I’m going to give you a look behind the curtain of the agency world. What is the clandestine topic that is such a taboo? B2B Marketing RFP development. Specifically, the candid opinions agency and industry insiders have about RFPs. First, a word of warning: Our insiders are not shy. They have pointed views on why some RFPs are truly effective and why others are destined to fail. So let’s get started with this inside story before the marketing police show up at my door.  Wrong first impression If someone put you on the spot, how would you describe your company? That’s often the

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director “RFP stands for really frustrating process.” That’s an opinion voiced by clients and agencies alike, and their vexation is understandable. The marketing RFP process, particularly the on the B2B side, is an inexact science. It’s a complex, time-consuming, high profile assignment that is initiated out of necessity. In many cases, it’s also an uncertain path with loosely defined parameters. However, it is critical to get every aspect of the process right, because an ineffective B2B marketing RFP can lead to the wrong marketing agency, wasted time and lost revenue. Here’s a radical notion: Let’s eliminate the guesswork from your B2B marketing RFP and choose your agency right now. Simply

by Gary Mattes, CEO You know that point. The point when you realize that you need to take a step. That moment on a sunny afternoon when the buzzing around your head finally springs you to action. It could be to get the flyswatter. You might also grab your phone to search for an exterminator in an effort to rid the nearby tree of its hornets' nest. Marketers need to consider the actions of their customers at the point in which they decide to take action. This could be the moment they make a decision on whether to buy their product/service. Or it might be the point where they finally seek the

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director It’s lunchtime. A hectic marketing agency breathes a collective sigh. In the break room, an art director, content writer, account executive and programmer are gathered around the electronic glare of the microwave. As everyone waits patiently for some frozen pizza to thaw, an intriguing discussion breaks out. Let’s listen in. Account executive: We had our status call this morning, and our client Jennie was in a strangely philosophical mood. You’ll never guess what she asked me. Art director: Oh, I don’t know. Something involving the nature of the universe, free will and a tree falling in the woods. Account executive: No, I didn’t mean that type of philosophy. We were talking

by Kathryn Brill, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist Every blog manager has one perennial problem: how to continue generating high-quality content on a regular basis. This problem is intensified for small content teams. If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself staring at your computer screen, knowing the company blog needs an update but not sure what to write. Many companies can afford to hire outside freelancers to keep their blog running smoothly, or have a huge network of potential guest bloggers to turn to. But for the rest of us, we have to look internally for solutions. Our companies are full of smart people with great insights into many