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The Point of Inflection

inflection point

by Gary Mattes, CEO

You know that point. The point when you realize that you need to take a step. That moment on a sunny afternoon when the buzzing around your head finally springs you to action. It could be to get the flyswatter. You might also grab your phone to search for an exterminator in an effort to rid the nearby tree of its hornets’ nest.

Marketers need to consider the actions of their customers at the point in which they decide to take action. This could be the moment they make a decision on whether to buy their product/service. Or it might be the point where they finally seek the knowledge necessary to make a good choice on their options. If you happen to be in the pest control business, one marketing strategy might be to give away branded flyswatters at every street fair in the city. Putting your brand in front of the customer when a decision is being made. point of inflection

We in the agency business are always searching for clues on the actions of our clients’ customers at this critical juncture. What are the customers’ first questions to the sales rep? Where are they when the decision to inquire on their product or service is made? We need to know everything we can about this “point of inflection.” The best marketing platforms take shape from this knowledge.

This is why content marketing has become so critical. The ease with which a customer can jump online and research their next move means we need to make sure our content revolves around helping potential customers sort out their next steps to a good decision.

This inflection point has come into play with much of the work Boomm has done for our clients. For example, when the Chipotle foodborne illness outbreak hit the news, we realized that the precipitous drop in the Chipotle brand value would strike fear in restaurant chain executives. We had a client who targeted these decision makers, and a group that has been historically hard to access. Their patented process to do “in the shell” pasteurization of eggs could be considered a component in a good food safety program. Within weeks we launched a white paper series for our client that focused on minimizing supply chain risks and protecting brand value. This series drove a huge number of leads from the target market because it reached them at the inflection point.

We practice what we preach as well. Boomm realizes that when a potential client is reaching the end of the road with their current ad agency supplier that their next move or inflection point might be to prepare an RFP. This is not a document we are called upon to prepare very often. Typically that would warrant a Google search for sample agency RFP documents that could be used as models. Therefore, our flyswatter is our recently launched B2B RFP Template. We too want to be there at that “point of inflection”.