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September 2018

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by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director “RFP stands for really frustrating process.” That’s an opinion voiced by clients and agencies alike, and their vexation is understandable. The marketing RFP process, particularly the on the B2B side, is an inexact science. It’s a complex, time-consuming, high profile assignment that is initiated out of necessity. In many cases, it’s also an uncertain path with loosely defined parameters. However, it is critical to get every aspect of the process right, because an ineffective B2B marketing RFP can lead to the wrong marketing agency, wasted time and lost revenue. Here’s a radical notion: Let’s eliminate the guesswork from your B2B marketing RFP and choose your agency right now. Simply

by Gary Mattes, CEO You know that point. The point when you realize that you need to take a step. That moment on a sunny afternoon when the buzzing around your head finally springs you to action. It could be to get the flyswatter. You might also grab your phone to search for an exterminator in an effort to rid the nearby tree of its hornets' nest. Marketers need to consider the actions of their customers at the point in which they decide to take action. This could be the moment they make a decision on whether to buy their product/service. Or it might be the point where they finally seek the