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Make Your B2B Video Marketing Stand Out With Silence

What qualities make for great B2B video marketing? A compelling story and strong visuals top the list. But in order for your message to be seen by the right audience, you need to adapt to the way the audience views video. And increasingly, much of the audience is viewing the video with the sound turned off.

Over the past couple years, Facebook has become a major platform for video, hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day. But new research shows that as much as 85% of all video watched on Facebook is watched with the sound off. This behavior is encouraged by Facebook’s platform design. As a Facebook user scrolls through his or her feed, videos begin to play automatically—but soundlessly. If the video is compelling and can be understood without sound, users will continue watching; if they aren’t drawn in, they will continue scrolling.

What does this mean for your next video production? If you’re planning to launch a B2B video marketing initiative from your Facebook page, make sure it will catch a viewer’s eye and deliver your message even if the sound is off. While Facebook is the only social media platform where video is delivered this way, creating B2B videos that work without sound can still benefit your views on other social networks, since many people check their social media in public places, where they have their sound off.

Making video that works without sound is a good strategy for reasons beyond social outreach. For one thing, it can also save you money if your B2B video marketing budget is tight. Instead of paying for voiceover talent, an audio engineer or studio time to record a voiceover, let the visuals do the talking, with animated text or subtitles. With background music, the video will work equally well when viewed with or without sound.

Keep in mind, of course, that a sound-free approach requires some unique considerations when developing your video. Don’t overwhelm your audience with text—make your messaging short, pointed and direct. The most effective B2B video marketing is designed to tell an engaging and informative story that motivates the viewer to take action. A video that runs overly long or is too text heavy may defeat this purpose.

In addition, B2B videos that don’t rely on sound can serve a larger variety of purposes than sound-dependent video. For instance, using video elements can be a great way to attract attention at a trade show—but the noisy, high-traffic environment of a trade show will drown out the sounds of any video. Looping a video in your booth—using animated text, images and subtitles—is an effective means of conveying messaging amidst the chaos of a trade show.

Your B2B video marketing can make a big impact without saying a word. Consider crafting your next video so that it doesn’t rely on sound to get your message across.