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How To Generate Business Blog Ideas When You Have No Time To Write

In a perfect world, every content creator would have the time and space to craft insightful, audience-targeted blog posts every week. But the reality is that time for creating content is limited, and most of us have to come up with business blog ideas on tight deadlines. What can you do when your inspiration is low but you need to write a post quickly? Here are a few places to find business blog ideas:

Check out what people are talking about on Twitter or Facebook. A surefire way to create content that will appeal to your audience is to write about something that’s currently on your audience’s minds. If you see a lot of people asking a question or discussing a topic that relates to your business, base your blog post on that topic or question. You can also look at trending hashtags on Twitter to find topics of interest to people. Not everything that’s topical business_blog_ideaswill be relevant to your business, but if your goal is to create more shareable content, this is a good place to start.

Read what others are writing. Ever read a blog post on an industry topic and thought there was more to say about it? Or disagreed with the author’s stance? Expanding or rebutting an existing idea makes a strong blog post. Reading other B2B blogs is a great source of inspiration, particularly blogs by influencers in your field. If you have the start of an idea and you’re not sure how to flesh it out, reading posts on that topic will often get your creative juices flowing. It’s also a good way to discover trends. And if you link and give credit to the bloggers that inspired your post, it can build relationships with influencers and others in your industry.

Look back on your week or month. What questions have you answered? What challenges have you tackled? What have you learned about your own industry? All these things could be the start of a blog post. Passion for the topic and personal experience makes for a better blog post, so writing about what you know can give your post an extra spark. Plus, it provides a glimpse of the workings of your company, which audiences appreciate as they make decisions about solutions.

Revisit old posts. You don’t want to reuse old content too often, because it gets repetitive, but you can benefit from drawing your readers’ attention to an evergreen post from the recent past. There are also some topics that should be revisited and updated periodically—for instance, if you wrote a post about social media usage in your industry that’s over a year old, chances are there are new social media features and networks to discuss. Making updates to old content to reflect new trends demonstrates that your company keeps up with industry news and changes. And it ensures that your evergreen content continues to remain relevant.

When your well of ideas runs dry or your content marketing plan hits a snag, you don’t have to panic. Instead, use one of these tips and you’ll find a business blog idea in no time.


Image credit: Sue Richards (Creative Commons)