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How to Become a Thoroughly Modern Marketer

Everyone has thought about how to retool their business to succeed in today’s brave new marketing world. To become a truly modern marketer, it’s becoming clear that you need to transition from using outbound marketing and intuition to implementing inbound marketing and digital technologies that target, engage and convert prospects – and provide the analytics you need to demonstrate the ROI of your marketing investments. B-to-B Digital Marketing

In its Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal white paper, B-to-B Magazine states: “Modern marketers face massive and accelerating change in their profession, a change that shows little signs of slowing down. Much of what is transforming marketing actually opens up new doors of opportunity – in targeting, personalization and sales enablement – but also brings a demand for new skills and added resources.”

B-to-B also notes that “The ability to track marketing ROI via technology is seen as the most transformative factor marketers face today, followed closely by the rise of social media marketing, the shift of power away from brands and toward customers and prospects, new capabilities in demand gen and lead nurturing, the emergence of mobile marketing and the fragmentation of the media.”

Defining the “Ideal” B-to-B Digital Marketing Leader
Here are three key findings from the white paper, which is based upon a 2013 survey of 556 B-to-B digital marketing professionals. The survey examined the modern marketing techniques marketers are already using – and what they think they need to do to become an “ideal” modern marketer.

  • Balancing Creativity and Technology. According to B-to-B, marketers today say that they need to strike a balance between the creativity required to develop marketing campaigns and the ability to use technology for targeting and analytics. As a result, becoming an ideal modern marketer calls for expertise in both traditional marketing strategies and the new marketing technologies that are required to maximize the ROI on marketing initiatives.
  • Gauging Success. An ideal modern marketer must also understand the financial aspects of marketing. While many survey respondents (35%) cite marketing ROI as the most important factor to gauge marketing success, modern marketers know that their success depends heavily on sales. In fact, 24% of survey respondents say that the ability to influence sales to drive sales conversions, sales and revenue is the most important factor.
  • Drivers and Challenges. While 60% of survey respondents agree that they need to respond to market opportunities faster, 55% are dealing with budget and staffing reductions and 35% say that it is getting harder to tailor messages to address customer needs. To generate and effectively nurture their sales leads, many modern marketers are relying on outside vendors to help them deliver the right messages – at the right time – to customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Still not sure what will work for you? You can learn more about B-to-B digital marketing in the Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal whitepaper. Download the white paper from our friends at B-to-B.