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The B2B website personality test

By Randy Mitchell

Who is your B2B website?

That’s not poor grammar. It’s one of the smartest questions you can ask your team or your client. It’s also one of the questions any good agency will answer when they develop a B2B website for you.

Determining the personality of a website is a common-sense starting point for developing a strong digital presence. It should happen before you do the deep dive into sitemapping, content strategy, SEO and design options.

Thankfully, you can mold the personality of your B2B website to ensure it makes the right impression when important visitors unexpectedly pop in. All you need to do is take the following test.


B2B Website Personality Test

Q. If your B2B website was a person, what personality traits would it have?

That’s it. A one-question test. Too easy, right?

Nope. That seemingly simple question is a bear. To answer it effectively, you need to get your team’s consensus on who your company is and what it should represent to customers and prospects. Finding the answer usually requires a white board, lots of caffeine, and the willingness to distill your firm down to its very essence.

However, the effort comes with a huge payoff: Once you can pass the personality test, your B2B website can become the manifestation of your people, culture and brand.

That’s essential, because in B2B the relationships matter more than the price, and selling has moved from a face-to-face experience to a virtual one. Bringing your persona to life through your B2B website will represent the digital equivalent of your company—and your team.


B2B websites with personality

To understand why the test is so valuable, we’d like to share some examples of B2B websites with definite personalities. Each one has a story to tell, and they do it in their own distinct ways.


Stronger than steel

Company: Industrial Steel and Wire (ISW)

Personality traits:

  • Helpful: Exceptional service has been their foundation for 80+ years
  • Genuine: No frills here—just smart, hardworking people
  • Responsive: They jump when an order comes in

Website: https://industeel.com

Comments: This website is ISW. The imagery is all about the people and their commitment to every order and customer. That personality is right there in black and white. It also drives the content and user experience. Simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. You can depend on this website and this company to do it right.


Helping you shine

Company: Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC)

Personality traits:

  • Creative: It takes true imagination to make unforgettable experiences happen
  • Professional: Behind the scenes, this crew knows that every detail matters
  • Grounded: Everybody sweeps the floor

Website: http://www.ilc.com

Comments: ILC projects are incredible. ILC people are down-to-earth. And ILC gear is always reliable. That’s a very rare combination, and this website brings them all together seamlessly. The imagery has a definite “wow” factor, while the content and client quotes establish ILC as a professional, reliable, and inventive choice for any lighting project.


 The perfect blend

Company: Allied Blending

Personality traits:

  • Intelligence: These experts know the industries they serve inside out
  • Innovative: From the lab to the product lines, formulating solutions is their everyday reality
  • Constant: Safety and quality are ingrained in their culture

Website: https://www.alliedblending.com

Comments: In the food industry, every ingredient has to meet demanding specifications. So do the companies that serve the industry. The Allied Blending website captures a culture that embraces and understands every demand. This is a highly professional and capabilities driven B2B website that embodies the commitment and personality of a leading company.


As you can see, B2B websites truly can reflect the companies they represent. They can also convince prospects that your personality fits the type of a partner they need—one that understands their industry and pain points even before the first contact is made.

If you want to talk about optimizing your B2B website to fit your brand, culture and customers’ needs, we’re ready to get started. Simply contact Boomm. We think you’ll find we have the right personality for the project.