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By Randy Mitchell   Boomm works with many diverse technology companies.   Some are clients others are partners. They come from multiple practice areas, including data management and marketing automation. And they range in size from startups to industry leaders.   However, despite their many nuanced differences, these technology companies have one trait in common. They all dream about getting their platforms into the Gartner Magic Quadrant.   If you’re not familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant, let me do my best to give you a creative person’s rudimentary definition. The Quadrant provides a graphical representation of where companies and their tools rank on a simple Cartesian grid. The Quadrant is influenced by key criteria such as “ability to

By Randy Mitchell   Driverless delivery. Ghost kitchens. Takeout everything.   What in the name of Ray Kroc has happened to the world of foodservice?   The industry is emerging from its most challenging year with remarkable resilience and some amazing innovations. An operator friend who owns a neighborhood café put it best: “Foodservice had a full-on freak out. But we found ways to make it work. We always do.”   Here are a few quick content bites that illustrate her point.    Bite #1: Driverless delivery   Houston is famous for launching astonishing technology into the heavens. Recently, it also became the test site for rocketing pizzas to hungry Earthlings via driverless vehicles. Who is behind this stellar idea? A technology

By Randy Mitchell   There are far too many webinars in the world right now.   In the last year alone, the use of webinars grew by 69% according to HubSpot. Chances are, you have two or three B2B webinar invitation emails in your inbox right now.   On the flip side, there are far too few excellent webinars to satisfy our content-hungry world.   We don’t need a data point to prove that one. If you recently wasted an hour enduring a bad B2B webinar, I’m afraid you will never get that time back.   Which brings us to the question marketers everywhere are asking: How can we rise above the noise and create a webinar that people will

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director Creative awards season is looming. You know what that means. Agencies and clients alike will compile a shortlist of their finest work, compose “can’t-miss” entries, and fantasize about winning more shiny trophies than their competitors. The whole pageant might seem silly to outsiders, but the marketing world loves its awards more than ever. In fact, a recent Google search for “marketing awards 2019” produced 577,000,000 results.  This year you can enter competitions for interactive marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, event marketing, influencer marketing and countless other disciplines. At first, the endless list of awards shows seemed a little overwhelming, but as I scrolled through them all a wild

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director “RFP stands for really frustrating process.” That’s an opinion voiced by clients and agencies alike, and their vexation is understandable. The marketing RFP process, particularly the on the B2B side, is an inexact science. It’s a complex, time-consuming, high profile assignment that is initiated out of necessity. In many cases, it’s also an uncertain path with loosely defined parameters. However, it is critical to get every aspect of the process right, because an ineffective B2B marketing RFP can lead to the wrong marketing agency, wasted time and lost revenue. Here’s a radical notion: Let’s eliminate the guesswork from your B2B marketing RFP and choose your agency right now. Simply

by Pat McAuley, President/Chief Strategy Officer We all were so much younger in 1998. Busting “The Running Man” moves in our Zubaz, the future sure seemed bright. Turns out, we were right … and not only because Zubaz aren’t a thing anymore.* Boomm B2B Marketing turns 20 this summer and we feel we’re better than ever. Today, our work benefits from an ever-expanding marketing toolbox filled with new and improved tools. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these B2B marketing advancements. Design That was then (1998): Most agency art directors and designers found themselves saddled with QuarkXPress desktop publishing systems, which dominated the market. Design software was about 10 years old

by Jeff Andrews, VP Client Services Introductions have been made, business cards have been passed, drinks offered…all of the first-time-meeting rituals have passed. You even brought the right dongle to connect with the prospect’s monitor. Your sales presentation is going smoothly, no glitches and right on schedule. You and your team are starting to feel good about the meeting and your opportunity with this prospect. But wait, there’s no checkered flag just yet. Be in the ‘No’: You have a great organization and every confidence that your team is a perfect fit for this prospect. Okay, then why do you feel the meeting going south? Any chance that you failed to think about

by Jeff Andrews, VP Client Services We all know that there’s no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all sales presentation that will have prospects stuffing your inbox or signing on the dotted line before you leave the meeting. But there are things you can do to engage your audience during your limited time together. Cliché, yes, but it holds true that you only have one chance to make a great first impression. One other thought before outlining some ideas about the sales presentation. Just like job hunting in today’s market, most prospects are looking to see if your organization is a group they can work with; i.e. do they like you? There are many,

By Randy Mitchell | Creative Director The headline of this blog does not contain a typo. I have officially given up on New Year’s resolutions in favor of revolutions, and I suggest you follow suit. Here’s my thinking. Traditional resolutions are heartbreakers. The good intentions that drive them are admirable. People sincerely want to lose weight, volunteer at a local charity or update their LinkedIn photo to one taken during this decade. Unfortunately, those virtuous ambitions rarely seem to last until February. Now, let’s talk revolutions. Unlike resolutions, which generally involve personal sacrifice, New Year’s revolutions are all about the moment—or possibly the movement. That’s particularly true in the world of marketing. To provide

A foodservice operator has ten precious minutes between shifts. In this fleeting “down time,” she has a big decision on her mind. Her kitchen counter space is limited and an undercounter refrigerator sounds like the perfect solution. But her expertise is in stir frying, not restaurant equipment. Where does our busy operator turn now? After all, this is the foodservice information age. Operators have more media formats than ever to guide their purchase decisions. Will she page through food industry publications, text an industry colleague for advice or turn to online user reviews? Will she contact a sales rep, or is it too soon for that? To truly understand which media formats guide the