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November 2017

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There comes a point in the life of every business when it feels like it’s time for a change. Whether this is because the current brand has been around for a while, the business has new offerings that don’t fit with the old message, or it seems like a shakeup will bring new customers to the door, there are lots of reasons why businesses contemplate rebranding. But rebranding your business isn’t something to be taken lightly—it takes inspiration, planning, strategy and everyone’s consensus. And it’s all critical, because a poorly executed rebranding can be worse than sticking with the old brand. Here at Boomm, we recently went through the rebranding process

What’s the recipe for award-winning digital media? Is it viral status, a huge production budget—or simply good quality work that meets client needs? Here at Boomm, we just won three MarCom Awards for our digital media work—two Gold Awards and one Platinum Award. So we have a little idea about some of the ingredients that go into successful digital media that gets noticed. First off, award-winning digital media is exciting and fun—no matter the industry, it finds the angle that captivates audiences and makes them eager to learn more. Our capabilities video for StandFast Group, a corrugated packaging company, communicated the message that their boxes rock. The value proposition—that StandFast will deliver

Every B2B marketer worth their salt knows that blogs are a great way to generate leads, create fresh content for your audience, and improve your search engine optimization. On the other hand, blogs are a very big undertaking. Many B2B companies are scared away from blogging because they feel like they don’t have enough content, are pressed for time, or have a small content team. But with a little planning and some savvy, B2B blogging doesn’t have to be so scary. Here are some tips on how to make blogging doable no matter your schedule, budget or team size. Make a plan. Don’t just jump in with both feet—get a plan together

The world of lead generation is changing. In a recent post, we discussed how the lead generation landscape has evolved over the years, and what’s different about how leads are found today. But how can companies reach the customers and prospects they’re looking for in this new era? In this blog post, we’ll explore lead generation techniques that can help you meet prospects where they’re at and find leads that are truly qualified. How to Make Contact One crucial aspect of generating qualified leads in this new paradigm is ensuring your website gets found. Prospects are doing their research using Google and looking at the sites of businesses with potential solutions to their

La Grange, IL, July 27, 2017- Boomm Marketing & Communications, a leading Chicago-area business-to-business agency, recently won two 2017 Summit Creative Awards, which honor the best creative work from small- and medium-sized agencies around the world. Boomm’s winning work includes a Conagra product brand video and a logo for a startup food industry consultancy.  The “Field To Fork” video for Conagra Foodservice, which earned a Silver Award, tells the story behind Angela Mia brand tomato products as they move from California farms to restaurant tables. The video educates sales channel reps and foodservice operators on the premium qualities of Conagra’s Angela Mia tomato offerings. Boomm also received a Finalist Award for its identity

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director Greetings from Geekland. This is Randy, the video geek. In my previous blog article, I confessed that B2B video marketing doesn’t have to be dry. In fact, it can actually rock, which is welcome news for marketers and viewers. Today, I have another heartfelt confession and another video that’s worth a look. CONFESSION #2: FREEDOM CAN BE DECEPTIVE I used to be a broadcast producer and it had an unusual effect on my thinking. During those days, I experienced life in 30-second intervals. That was the length of the TV commercials I worked on, and there was absolutely no wiggle room. Consequently, I began to think of every story in terms

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director Hello. My name is Randy and I am a video geek. There was a time when this geek was banished to the corner at marketing parties. Meanwhile, the cool kids were in the center of the room, talking about their latest Cannes TV spot or SXSW event. It was a world of swag and swagger, and I was an outcast, quietly working away on my underappreciated B2B videos. Then, the strangest thing happened. I became popular. Very, very popular.  Was it my new hipster glasses? Or maybe everyone coveted my Doctor Who bobblehead collection? Nope. People simply realized how much video could do for their businesses. Suddenly, it is

La Grange, IL., July 18, 2017 – Boomm Marketing & Communications, a leading Chicago-area business-to-business marketing agency, has hired Patrick McAuley as president and chief strategy officer, a new position. He will also be a part of the agency team responsible for finalizing and deploying Boomm’s marketing technology platform. McAuley’s experience in research and strategic brand and communications planning is a strong complement to Boomm’s strengths in creative insights and marketing communications execution. “Patrick will greatly enhance Boomm’s B2B offerings,” said Boomm CEO Gary Mattes. “We are quite excited to apply his strategic planning capabilities to our clients’ work.” With nearly 20 years of marketing experience, McAuley has helped B2B companies build their

Leads are the lifeblood of every business. But over the past several years, the way we think about generating sales leads has changed. This has left some companies confused and unsure about how to get the best, most qualified leads for their sales teams to work with. In this two-part blog series from Boomm, we’ll look at how the landscape of lead generation has changed. We’ll first discuss how lead generation evolved to the process we see today. Then we’ll pinpoint ways that companies can generate better qualified leads. The History of Lead Generation For many decades, leads were the property of the sales team, particularly in the B2B world. The sales representative

Before social media and mobile. Before videos and blogs. Before all of today’s countless ways to connect there were foodservice trade shows. And for busy industry decision makers, these events were an essential source for keeping up with trends, innovations and colleagues. Foodservice trade shows were also the place to learn about new products, menu options and technology. These purchase decisions were important enough that operators needed to do a little homework, ask a few colleagues, and compare choices first hand. But times have changed. This is an age of instant information and online research. Does that mean foodservice trade shows no longer influence decision makers’ purchase decisions? The answer to that important