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Voiceless B2B videos that say everything

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by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director

The people have spoken. Sort of.

Actually, they remained silent and the statement they made shook the world of B2B videoproduction. Today, up to 85% of social media videos are played with no sound according to Hootsuite.

Consider the ramifications of that finding. It means only 15% of viewers are getting the message if your B2B video relies on a voiceover to tell the story.

If you’re speechless right now, you’re not alone. But this movement was definitely coming, particularly when you consider today’s business environments. Many people watch B2B videos at their desk or in open offices, where common courtesy demands silent viewing.

The real concern now is what to do about this overwhelming preference for voiceless video viewing.

Most B2B brands rely on videos to tell complex stories, and it’s difficult to accomplish that without a voiceover. Some marketers have opted for closed captioning, which does help fill in the story. However, it can be difficult to read tiny text on a mobile phone.

The answer isn’t a quick fix; it’s a fresh approach. Just like “mobile first” revolutionized web design, “silent storytelling” will change B2B videos. In fact, it already has.

In recent weeks, Boomm has produced videos for three distinctly different firms. The stories they tell are quite unique, but they do have one factor in common: None of the videos requires a voiceover to convey their messages. See for yourself.


Company: Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC) B2B videos

Storyline: ILC creates amazing experiences in lighting, so this video is part capabilities, part portfolio and all excitement

Watch the video



“True story”

Company: Carow Packaging b2b videos

Storyline: This highly respected firm wanted to capture its customers’ actual comments about their experiences with Carow Packaging

Watch the video



Company: Conagra Foodservice b2b videos

Storyline: This video shows college and university foodservice directors why Hebrew National hot dogs belong on their menus

Watch the video



These three videos are visually compelling, dynamic and entertaining. They also tell you everything without a spoken word.

Now, here’s the catch: What happens if your video topic is even more complex? What’s the answer when you simply can’t get everything on screen?

I say create a video for both worlds. For viewers who turn the sound off, put enough of a visual and text graphic story on screen to cover your main points. But keep it fun and compelling or it may seem like a glorified PowerPoint. For viewers who crank the sound up, include a voiceover that gives them the full experience and all of the details.

One final thought: If you watched our videos with the sound up, you noticed they weren’t truly silent. All three had music that fit the mood. It’s important to realize that music tracks are even more powerful when there’s no voiceover. To prove the point, watch “Shine” again and try not to chair dance.