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Put a fresh (smart!) face on your business.

Encourage employees to maintain current profiles and let your talent shine.

Many corporate websites today give readers a chance to “meet the team” through profile pages that blend professional background with snippets of personal information and photos. What’s the business value and how far should you take the trend?

Including profile pages on your site is your first chance to present the human face of your company. Whether you’re recruiting new employees or making a new business pitch, people will be more interested in working with a smart team that is dedicated to the company – and shows it.

Encourage your team to network and highlight their experience on LinkedIn, where every employee is a brand ambassador. With a robust Company page as the backdrop, you can amplify your thought leadership position and build your brand.  In fact, a growing number of marketing departments distribute helpful tips that gently guide employees toward an effective profile page. Tips might include ways to create a compelling profile, relevant groups to join and even suggested posts that demonstrate company strengths.

Wherever you show the face of the company, remember your employees have control over how they are presented to their colleagues. Provide staff with a guideline to follow that is professional and consistent, but don’t attempt to hijack their personal information.

Oh, and don’t forget to maintain your own profile. Ready? Set? Smile!