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March 2012

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You’ve heard of Pinterest. It’s the social media tool that people use to “pin” interesting items to a virtual bulletin board, sharing them with friends and followers. It’s quickly gaining popularity and despite the fact that Pinterest is still invite-only, this month they surpassed Twitter as a generator of referral traffic. With all that momentum behind it, marketers should be wondering how to harness those referrals and turn them into customer engagement. Here are some easy ways B2B marketers can get Pinterested.   -       By design, Pinterest exists to connect individuals with a shared interest. Fill your pin-board with details that are too specific for broader media. -       Because posts take the form of

Encourage employees to maintain current profiles and let your talent shine. Many corporate websites today give readers a chance to “meet the team” through profile pages that blend professional background with snippets of personal information and photos. What’s the business value and how far should you take the trend? Including profile pages on your site is your first chance to present the human face of your company. Whether you’re recruiting new employees or making a new business pitch, people will be more interested in working with a smart team that is dedicated to the company – and shows it. Encourage your team to network and highlight their experience on LinkedIn, where every employee

In the B2B marketplace, reaching top decision makers is often critical to making the sale, but breaking through with your message can be difficult. New research from the Financial Times and Doremus indicates that top-ranking executives in the Americas, Europe and Asia are consuming media 24/7 to stay informed and that they are using multiple formats including digital,social media and print. The lesson here is that cross-channel brand and advertising campaigns are still the most effective way to reach global executives.  Additional findings include: Respondents who read traditional print publications do so, for the most part, in printed formats. Those under age 45 were more likely to read online. Executives are viewing online