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More Than Just A Pretty Site: Why You Need A B2B Website Strategy

b2b website strategy

What comes to mind when you think of “web design”? For most people, it’s something to do with the visual appearance of the site. When a business designs or redesigns its website, they often spend lots of time on fonts, images, colors, and other visual design elements. The goal is to create a beautiful site with an impactful appearance and maybe some of the cool graphics that are all the rage on competitors’ sites.

While visuals are important, equally vital is the strategy behind every aspect of the website. It’s not enough to just look good—you also have to have a purpose. Here’s why you need to focus your attention on developing a great B2B website strategy:

Making a good first impression. In the digital age, your website is a representation of what your business is all about—and for many customers and prospects, it’s their first introduction to your work. You want to make sure your website accurately reflects your mission, goals and capabilities. The last thing you need is to create a false idea of what your business is all about. With a B2B website strategy in place, your website will give the strong first impression that encourages customers to trust you. b2b website strategy

Optimizing for SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a key traffic driver for businesses. If your site appears on the front page of Google when customers search for keywords related to your industry, it positions your business as the answer to their questions. But good SEO doesn’t happen on accident. Businesses who fail to develop an SEO strategy for their website can end up only ranking for their name—or worse, nothing at all. SEO needs to be baked in to your site and part of the strategy from the beginning.

Lead generation. Websites can be powerful tools for lead generation—if they’re set up that way. Too many sites entice visitors to continue clicking and reading, but never encourage them to take action. Think critically about calls to action, contact forms, landing pages and other response drivers, and make a strategic plan for how to deploy them. A strong B2B website strategy will help ensure visitors don’t leave your site without acting on their interest.

Adding purpose to your site. A website can be beautiful, but if it doesn’t express your unique brand identity, then visitors will forget all about your site as soon as they leave it. In order to make an impact on customers and prospects, your website needs to communicate a strong message about your business. Thinking strategically about your content, design, and page layout will help you speak to website visitors with a powerful voice that convinces them to act further.

The bottom line? A strategic website will help you achieve your marketing goals, and it’s vitally important. And if you want to talk to us about B2B website strategy, we’re all ears.