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March 2018

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by Fred Gaede, Chief Creative Officer In my previous blog  we discussed the issue of allowing the abundance of easily accessible and reasonably priced stock images take control of the creative process. After jotting down your initial ideas, there is a great temptation to turn to stock image sites for a quick visual solution. The trouble is, you often find yourself settling for a less than perfect image, and by doing so, diluting your concept. The most important part of being a Creative requires that you be exactly that—creative! One must apply the creative process, not just in the initial ideation, but also through to the final execution. You must be innovative

by Fred Gaede, Chief Creative Officer As a designer, I am the first one to raise my hand and say, “Guilty!” I have been guilty of letting the availability of stock images guide my creative instead of turning things around and letting my creative direct the choice of imagery. The situation typically goes like this: one of your B2B clients has a rush project. They need to communicate a particular message to their audience in a creative and graphically pleasing manner. It could be anything. The scope of the project really doesn’t matter. You have been tasked with solving a problem and solving it quickly.  As you walk out of the launch meeting,

What comes to mind when you think of “web design”? For most people, it’s something to do with the visual appearance of the site. When a business designs or redesigns its website, they often spend lots of time on fonts, images, colors, and other visual design elements. The goal is to create a beautiful site with an impactful appearance and maybe some of the cool graphics that are all the rage on competitors’ sites. While visuals are important, equally vital is the strategy behind every aspect of the website. It’s not enough to just look good—you also have to have a purpose. Here’s why you need to focus your attention on