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How to Use Social Media to Build Your B2B Brand

Looking for ways to build your B2B brand? You might want to pay special attention to your company’s social media efforts. Whether you’re just getting started on LinkedIn or are active on all of the major social networks, your company’s social media presence can impact your company’s reputation and enhance – or diminish – the brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

B2B Brand

In its 8 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Social Media white paper, Sysomos states that “More companies, whether they are B2B or B2C, start-up or enterprise, are integrating social media into their overall marketing plans and dedicating a line in their budgets for resources like monitoring tools and community managers. Their goal is to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the social space, like lead and sales generation, real-time customer service and the opportunity to identify and work with brand evangelists.”

Sysomos also notes, “84 percent of global brand executives feel their brand’s sociability is not up to world-class brand standards.”

Here are three ways you can begin enhancing your B2B brand with social media:

  • Develop an Online Brand Persona: Much like the buying personas your company has created for your inbound marketing efforts, you also need to develop an online persona for your brand. To create your online brand persona, think about your company’s vision or mission and the “voice” you want to use on social media (i.e., formal or informal and first- or second-person). Also, review your brand identity to give your social media presence the same “look and feel” as other marketing assets.
  • Create a Crisis Management Plan: Your brand and reputation can really take a beating on social networks when your company has bad news or an unusually unhappy (and vocal) customer. That’s why it’s important to create a crisis management plan that details the steps to follow when a disaster strikes. You also need to give your social media team permission to take action, offer a solution or diffuse the situation without waiting for approval.
  • Reach Out to Relevant Media: While social media provides a great venue for promotion, to build your brand you must interact with and engage other users. While you’ll certainly want to connect with your customers and prospects, be sure to also reach out to journalists and bloggers who cover your market space. You can begin building these relationships by liking and following media contacts on social networks and commenting on articles and resources that they post.

Still not sure what will work for you? You can learn more about B2B branding in the 8 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Social Media whitepaper. Download the white paper from our friends at Sysomos.