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How to Develop an Effective B2B Inbound Marketing Process

Looking for new ways to drive traffic to your company’s website? You might want to give inbound marketing a try. Like traditional marketing, inbound marketing increases brand awareness to generate sales leads. However, unlike costly traditional “top of funnel” tactics that push content out to prospects, inbound marketing helps people find you through free digital venues, including social networks and blogs.B2B Inbound Marketing

The good news is that your company probably has the first step of inbound marketing covered – creating a strong marketing strategy. But there are four more steps you’ll need to take to create an effective B2B inbound marketing process that can help your company generate new leads and revenue.

  • Drive traffic to your website. The more traffic your website receives, the more opportunities you have to generate leads. So take advantage of the opportunities that blogging, social networking and search engine optimization provide to bring new visitors to your website.
  • Convert website visitors to leads. Once visitors arrive, you need to leverage your website to collect lead information. You can do this by creating intriguing offers and calls to action throughout your website to entice visitors to fill out an online form and share their contact information with you.
  • Convert leads to sales. Nurture the leads your website captures with a drip marketing campaign, which allows you to send a series of targeted email messages to leads based on their behavior. To manage this process, you may want to consider investing in a marketing automation solution.
  • Analyze and improve. Last, but not least, be sure to measure your results. Use website analytics to see which inbound marketing tactics are bringing traffic to your website, and what those visitors do after they arrive.

Inbound marketing will deliver results if you make the commitment. Initial results – and engaged, qualified leads – will grow over time as you continue to create and share great content online.