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B2B Inbound Marketing: The Blogging Effect

Nothing about a B2B marketer’s job is easy these days. Your goals are more difficult than ever – but traditional marketing tools just aren’t getting the job done. The good news is, there’s a better way to reach your customers and prospects. It’s called inbound marketing.

With B2B inbound marketing you “earn” the attention of customers and prospects by publishing high value, non-promotional content that educates and informs. In fact, our partner HubSpot studied data from thousands of customers and analyzed the relationships between the volume of traffic and leads they received and a key inbound marketing activity – blogging. At Boomm, we believe in inbound marketing, so we’re not at all surprised by the results of this study.

Blogging and Traffic
The HubSpot study found a strong connection between blogging frequency and website traffic.

B2B Inbound Marketing Blogging Effect 1


Blogging and Leads
The study also found that businesses that publish more than 5 blog posts per month enjoyed consistent and significant lead volume growth.

B2B Inbound Marketing Blogging Effect 2


The above graphs provide index numbers for traffic and lead volume. (The index numbers are based on a base level of 100 times the ratio to the base value.) The underlying growth was calculated with median values of HubSpot’s customer base.