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February 2013

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With increased attention on delivering bottom-line results, ROI on marketing investments is a major concern for all B2B marketers. If your company is still using outbound techniques to generate leads – such as expensive print advertising, direct mail and telemarketing – you’ve probably noticed that these techniques are not as effective as they used to be. We believe that technology has got a lot to do with it. Buyers are reading magazines online, tossing unsolicited mail and using caller ID to screen phone calls. That’s why using B2B inbound marketing techniques – such as blogging and social media – is a much more effective way to reach your prospects. In fact,

When it comes to lead generation, the tools of the trade – and your role in the process – are evolving rapidly in the digital age. You can no longer rely on pricey print ads and trade show booths to generate the B-to-B leads your company needs to succeed. Today, working closely with sales, creating valuable content and delivering it via online venues have become key components of lead generation success. In its Lead Generation: A Fundamental Flourishes in The Digital Age white paper, B-to-B states “The lead-gen process relies on multiple factors and, ideally, many channels. Like never before, marketing integration – using ever-more sophisticated tools and metrics along with sales/marketing

Nothing about a B2B marketer’s job is easy these days. Your goals are more difficult than ever – but traditional marketing tools just aren’t getting the job done. The good news is, there’s a better way to reach your customers and prospects. It’s called inbound marketing. With B2B inbound marketing you “earn” the attention of customers and prospects by publishing high value, non-promotional content that educates and informs. In fact, our partner HubSpot studied data from thousands of customers and analyzed the relationships between the volume of traffic and leads they received and a key inbound marketing activity – blogging. At Boomm, we believe in inbound marketing, so we’re not at