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A cure for the common chaos

By Randy Mitchell

A wise client once confided that a little chaos was good for creatives. She believed it forced us to think in unexpected ways. That was an eye-opening revelation and I embraced her sage guidance.

Until last year.

In 2020 we were suddenly forced to change everything about our routines until there truly was no set routine anymore. As a result, B2B marketers everywhere were searching for a small semblance of order amidst the industry-wide chaos.

Thankfully, it is a new year. It’s also a different world. Early indications have shown that B2B marketers are transforming their strategies to meet the new business environment, which demands a strong digital and virtual presence.

B2B in the Black’s Adviser Council polled CMOs and CFOs about their planned marketing budget allocations for 2021 and their answers reflect an industry in transition. Digital advertising is likely to see the largest increase, up approximately 60% from last year. Brand awareness and growth marketing efforts are also seeing large spikes, according to the B2B decision makers.

Boomm has already been actively navigating this shift with our clients. Our recent projects have included website redesigns, social media launches, rebranding and full-on digital transformation. If you have a project that critical planned for 2021, a marketing RFP is the logical starting point.

However, the marketing RFP process, particularly on the B2B side, is an inexact science. It’s a complex, time-consuming, high profile assignment that is initiated out of necessity. In many cases, it’s also an uncertain path with loosely defined parameters. In short, more unwanted chaos.

Here’s a radical notion: Let’s eliminate the guesswork from your B2B marketing RFP and restore some much needed order to this vital process.

Boomm has developed a B2B Marketing RFP Template that will help you from initiation to final selection. Here’s how it works.


It’s all about the process.

The best business decisions usually start with a carefully considered set of criteria established by the key stakeholders. The same holds true for an effective marketing RFP. The right outcome starts with a smart evaluation list from your team.

Your RFP evaluation list should provide a clear set of standards for the prospective agency partner, so your selection team can choose based on substance rather than style. To help you make an effective list, you’ll find a section on the evaluation process in the B2B Marketing RFP Template.

This customizable document is the right place to start your next B2B marketing RFP because it gives you a proven structure to help streamline and optimize the entire process.

Among the agency selection criteria the template considers are:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Account management
  • Creative excellence
  • Performance goals
  • Industry expertise
  • Social media
  • Public relations

The important takeaway here is that you can establish a clearly defined order before the RFP process ever begins. When that occurs, you will know what type of agency partner you want and can narrow down your short list before you even send out the RFP. In addition, the selection criteria list gives you a report card to make the most objective selection after the process is complete.

In a word, that’s order. And it’s what we can all use right now.

To get started, download the B2B Marketing RFP Template and streamline the entire process.