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B2B marketing ideas that are ready to roll

By Randy Mitchell

“How can we help our clients get through this crazy time?”

That was the critical question. It was initially asked in our weekly marketing planning meeting by Gary Mattes, the CEO of Boomm. Gary’s question captured what we were all thinking: What was the best way to adapt our B2B marketing ideas when everything was changing so fast?

As it turned out, we already had the answers right in front of us.

As 2020 ran off the rails for many firms, the Boomm Team began working on a different breed of projects for our clients. These businesses were asking for B2B marketing ideas that were uniquely adapted to the times; ones that could be quickly implemented to market. The possibilities spanned the spectrum from videos and social media to websites and remote presentations, and the thinking definitely stretched the definition of traditional marketing.

For example, one client had to take a dynamic live demonstration and make it into a virtual showstopper, without missing a beat.

Another client needed to grow their social community quickly because the entire industry was suddenly living on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We also had several clients that wanted website tune-ups ASAP. They didn’t have time for complete site overhauls, but they did need harder working content that would drive prospects to take action.

As these “adapt and accelerate” projects began to form a pattern, so did the spark of an idea. If our clients needed these fact action approaches, many other firms were probably facing the same challenges. Why not share what we learned in a downloadable guide?


Time to adapt and accelerate

We named our brainchild the Adapt and Accelerate Guide after the types of B2B marketing ideas that inspired it. And we shared our learnings on some of the most in-demand programs we were developing:

  • Virtual presentations that rock
  • Social media community growth
  • Websites that worked harder
  • Sales support with personality and impact
  • Lead generation on a fast track

In the end, the guide became our top download from 2020 because it delivered precisely what B2B marketers in every industry need right now: Top level approaches that can help accelerate business quickly.

These idea starters are fresh, adaptable and they work. This thinking is made for today’s challenges because it can help any company adapt quickly and drive new opportunities while the competition is stuck in neutral.

See for yourself why so many marketers loved these B2B marketing ideas. Download the Adapt and Accelerate Guide now.

Will you have questions about these approaches? Probably, but that’s why we’re here.

Take a look through the guide for some inspiration. Then, if you want to talk social, lead gen, sales support or anything else, we’re ready to roll.