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How to become LinkedIn to an alternate reality

By Randy Mitchell  |  Creative Director


Creative people are different. We gladly accept that.

Creatives tend to dress boldly, have quirky habits and embrace our inner uniqueness. But what truly makes us unusual are the unexpected ideas that erupt from the depths of our imaginations.

A few years ago, one of those strange ideas seized me during my rambling commute home. I was scrolling around LinkedIn, checking out the latest posts and progress of my network. Then, the weirdness hit me.

“What if there was an entire social network that
consisted of people who shared my name?”


Imagine the possibilities. Where would they live? What would they do for a living? It would be like exploring a world of alternate realities. Instantly, I was reminded of that old series Quantum Leap where the hero inhabits a completely different character in every episode.

Once an idea like that captures a creative, there’s no breaking free. I had to pursue it.

Starting my own “RandyLand” social network exclusively for Randy Mitchells was out of the question. Besides, I didn’t need to go that far. LinkedIn was right in front of me, ready to help me locate my alter egos.

So I typed “Randy Mitchell” into the search field, held my breath, and tapped the little magnifying glass.

The results were astounding.

RandyLand was a teeming metropolis of possibilities.

On page one alone there was…
an evangelist minister…
golf instructor…
global investment banker…
university dean…
truck driver…
retirement consultant…
and wilderness scenery designer. How cool is that?

My fellow Randys also included fighter pilots, stage hands, insurance agents, store managers, music professors, and even several creatives.

I kept scrolling.

Some of my namesakes were men, others were women, and all had a fascinating story. The diversity of age, race and location was inspiring.

In short, RandyLand is 1,086 individuals strong and growing.

What did I do next? You guessed it: I started inviting Randy Mitchells to connect on LinkedIn. Many accepted. It seems they were as intrigued by our mutual moniker as I was.

As the last few years have passed, it is rewarding to see what my fellow Randys have accomplished. I receive regular notifications to “congratulate Randy Mitchell” for becoming head of the department, or regional sales manager, or winning a softball tournament. Go get ‘em Randys.

Let me close with a weird idea for you: Consider linking in to your namesakes. Or, at the very least, search your name and see all of the amazing parallel lives out there. And, if you happen to be a Randy Mitchell, invite me to connect on LinkedIn. Or as we call it, RandyLand.