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Changing the world for B2B brands

b2b brands

by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director

Here’s a promising sentiment for every creative out there: Your ideas can change the world. You simply have to share them with the right people.

But where are the right people? Who can give your best ideas the stage they need?

It would be natural to assume your best shot at creative immortality is to work on mega brands, like Coca-Cola, Nike, Major League Baseball or McDonald’s. I have a different perspective, because I worked on all of those accounts. It looks impressive on a resume, but in reality, I was merely one of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. b2b brands

Those brand behemoths had no idea who I was, and that’s not unexpected. Each one employed multiple agencies, legions of creatives and countless marketing managers. They probably had six or seven campaigns running at any given moment in every channel you can imagine.

Yes, premier brands have the resources to shape global perceptions, but that transformative energy usually comes from a large collective, not a select few individuals.

Now let’s shift our attention from household names to best-kept secrets.

This year, I have worked on multiple B2B brands, including some that you may have never heard of. These were little family companies, one-person startups, pro bono causes and many other truly individual firms.

Unique B2B brands are hard to explain, but working with them is impossible to forget. Their marketing challenges often represent a new frontier and it gives creatives the chance to honestly make a significant difference.

Here are three reasons why it’s so rewarding working for B2B brands.

The energy is contagious. A project meeting with an engaged B2B client is like performing improv. Everyone gets animated, ideas start flying and anything is possible. The energy happens because you’re demonstrating a genuine interest in the client’s world and taking a collaborative approach to their goals. You’re also helping them to see their marketing possibilities in a new light. It’s the best type of meeting.

The work is courageous. If you want to move the needle for smaller B2B brands, you need to go bold. Remember, you’re usually competing against much larger companies with global brand awareness and significant marketing budgets. It’s not easy to storm that castle. But it’s worth the risk. When your smaller client shakes up the industry icons everyone takes notice. You simply need the courage and skill to outthink them.

The appreciation is genuine. If you can help someone’s dream succeed, it’s a wonderful feeling. Many B2B businesses started with one brave individual’s vision, and their employees are like family. Once you earn their confidence, they will appreciate everything you do to help them along.

As you can see, I’m not overstating your importance by saying that creatives can “change the world.” The world you change is your client’s. And the difference you can make means everything to them.