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Becoming a Boommer

This post was written by Randy Mitchell, our new creative director. Learn more about him here.

I still remember the first time I walked up to the vintage house on Catherine Street.

The preschoolers were arriving for daycare next door. The Amtrak to St. Louis was shaking the neighborhood as it roared past. And the early-morning workout crowd was pouring into the gym down the block.

Clearly, this was not your typical agency setting. So I walked up to the front door, rang the bell and was warmly welcomed to Boomm Marketing & Communications.

As it turns out, what happens inside of the house on Catherine Street was even more unexpected Boomm_Housethan the scene outside. The place truly is a beehive of activity and it seems that everyone is working on something exciting.

In one room, there’s a big photo shoot being planned for an industry trade show.
In another, a client’s social posts for the month are being refined. Down the hall, the media planning for an upcoming campaign is in the works. And there’s a status call in the main conference room for a new website. On the walls are vintage posters and in the fridge is a cold drink or two.

I quickly learned that Boomm is filled with fun, passionate people. They call themselves “Boommers,” and everyone plays an important role. They also work closely together; it’s not a big house after all. But that seems fitting, because the team here works extremely well together. And the clients definitely prefer it that way.

How do I fit into this eclectic mix?

I come from the creative side and I work in the “master bedroom” with the other creatives. We’re always busy tackling some hardcore business-to-business challenge. And after just a few weeks, I have concepted, written, presented, strategized, collaborated and laughed quite a bit.

In short, I have officially become a Boommer. And I like it here.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to look us up. You might even get invited to a cookout on the front porch, if you happen by on a sunny Friday afternoon.
I hear that you can smell the grill all the way down Catherine Street.