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A 25-year history of crazy dreams

By Randy Mitchell

Some crazy dreams become reality. Others become dumpster fires. Time is the ultimate arbiter.

In this month’s blog, we consider three dreams from 25 years ago. These ideas all seemed crazy at the time. Let’s see how they have fared over the years.

Crazy Movie Dream


Two brothers named Joel and Ethan had a crazy dream. They made a refreshingly original movie that channeled the classic detective novels of Raymond Chandler, the slacker culture of Los Angeles, vivid fantasy sequences and a whole lot of bowling alley action. This “dream film” was finally released in 1998 and opened to mixed reviews.


25 years later, The Coen Brothers are among the most respected filmmakers of their generation, and winners of 6 Academy Awards, 6 BAFTA Awards and 3 Golden Globes. That 1998 film, The Big Lebowski, has become a cult favorite. It has even been added to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” In short, the Dude abides.


Crazy Sports Dream


An NBA General Manager named Jerry Krause had a crazy dream. He would dismantle the greatest basketball team of all time and rebuild an even greater one. This bold strategy would be the ultimate test of Mr. Krause’s philosophy: “Players don’t win championships, organizations do.” Many Chicago fans doubted the team would be dismantled, particularly after they won another title. Seriously, who would break up a three-peat dynasty that included Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman? However, coach Phil Jackson knew the truth and after his departure at the end of the season, the dynasty dominoes quickly fell.


25 years later, the Bulls are mired in NBA purgatory. The team has not won another championship and has only won five playoff series in a quarter century. In 2023, the Bulls seem unlikely to make the postseason again, perhaps initiating yet another roster rebuild. Fans still flock to the United Center, but 1998 marked the final chapter in the glory years. In short, it was the Last Dance.

Crazy Marketing Dream


A small group of marketing professionals had a crazy dream. They wanted to start their own B2B agency and run it in their own way. No hidden agendas, just good work and no jerks. The new shop would focus on the foodservice and ingredients market and would benefit from the deep industry experience of its founders. But the odds were sharply stacked against this dream. There were many other startups in 1998 and the economy was shaky at best. No wonder most new agencies closed their doors in less than five years.


25 years later, Boomm B2B Marketing is still going strong. Two of the original founders are here to make sure the “good work and no jerks commitment” is always revered. The agency’s focus has also expanded significantly over time. Now, the foodservice clients are part of a roster that also includes packaging, distribution, professional lighting and manufacturing firms. Another big shift for Boomm has been the channels we work in. We still develop collateral and trade show materials, but social media, content development and digital are now the driving forces behind our clients’ most successful campaigns. In short, despite all of the changes to the industry, business is still Boomming.

To all the clients that helped Boomm B2B Marketing reach this milestone, we say thank you.

To all the employees who helped serve those clients with smart, strategic solutions, we say thank you.

Finally, to all the people who are considering their own crazy dream of starting a business right now, we say you can make it happen with hard work and the right support. And if you need an agency that will share your vision, you know who to contact.