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April 2012

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In foodservice marketing, the National Restaurant Association show is the premiere event where thousands of buyers, vendors and the press descend on one of the busiest trade show floors in the business. It's one of Boomm's favorite annual events and it's got us thinking of ways that our clients can evolve their trade show presence, and stand out from the pack, using simple, affordable technology features. Here are a couple of ideas you can easily put in place to enhance your trade show presence: Pre-show outreach - before you even head to the event, reach out to your prime customers to set up appointments or announce your booth presence. Contact the show for attendee

Marketers across the board are seeing the value of inbound marketing as a way of generating quality sales leads. Are you on board? If so, great! If not, what's preventing you? If you're stymied by the thought of generating good, quality content that your customers will want you're not alone. According to #B2BChat, a weekly B2B marketing chat on Twitter, content creation is the core challenge of developing an effective inbound marketing program. Don't allow content creation to become a roadblock for your program. Here are three simple ideas to generate content that effectively converts prospects into leads: Audit your resources for content that's already on your shelves. Think of reports, case studies

Marketers know that finding the most relevant terms is key when it comes to search engine optimization and keyword advertising. For B2B marketers, it's especially important to identify keywords that are highly resonant and effectively attract customers. Here are a few ideas that will help you zero in on the best terms. Think like an outsider - Brainstorm for terms that are very close to your customers' needs, not just for terms that are meaningful from your own purview.  For example, words that are central to the customers' work process are more effective than your own brand names or product titles. Use social media to listen to industry conversations and identify the