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By Randy Mitchell   First, a painful confession.   Seven years ago I was a hater. For a number of reasons, I simply could not take social media seriously, especially when it came to B2B marketing.   That cautious thinking seemed to make sound business sense at the time. Our agency accounts were global companies. We worked with top-level decision makers that had ironclad objectives. They needed to grow market share, not followers.   In short, ROMI was the mantra and every campaign demanded tangible results.   If I had actually dared to suggest using social media to that C-Suite group, their first reaction would have been laughter. That would have been followed by this bottom line challenge: “If you’re really

by Kathryn Brill, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist Is social media really valuable? How can you prove social media ROI? These questions are on the minds of many clients. Before they invest money in a social media program, companies want to know that it will deliver. But measuring social value can seem like a slippery business. It’s not as easily tied to sales or revenue as many other marketing programs. Connecting the dots on social engagement and business benefits is complicated. And not everyone agrees on what makes for strong social media performance. Most of us have an instinct that social media is part of a great marketing strategy. But how

by Kathryn Brill, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist Are you burnt out on B2B social media? It seems like marketers are becoming increasingly disillusioned with social media, and wondering what purpose it truly serves their business. And who could blame them? Many marketers were sold on social with grand promises—millions of followers, thousands of leads—only to discover that the reality was much different. The powerful influence that social media has on B2C brands was tempting, but social doesn’t always produce the same results when it comes to B2B. In addition, social media itself has been overrun by bots and fake followers, mired in data scandals, and ruled by algorithms that

Foodservice is much more than an industry or an occupation. It’s a culture, a passion and a lifestyle for operators and decision makers. Foodservice is also a very insular world. Operators frequently consult each other, their customers and trusted sales representatives before making important purchase decisions. But that structure is changing, and the perfect example is the evolving relationship between social media and food industry decision makers. To truly understand the new dynamic between social media and food industry purchase decisions, a new food industry research study consulted operators about their buyer’s journey and what influences them along the way. The “Media Consumption Behaviors and the Decision-Making Journey of Foodservice Operators” Study

Is Google+ dead? As far as social media networks go, it’s never been as robust or popular as Facebook or Twitter, so some people have been asking this question for a while. But this time, there might be some truth to the reports that Google+ is on its last legs. Google has made some changes to Google+ over the past year that should affect your B2B social media strategy and change the way you use the social network. Over the past year, Google has taken many steps to distance itself from the network. The main champion of Google+, Vic Gundotra, resigned in 2014, and his successor, Bradley Horowitz, announced that he

So you’ve created your B2B social media marketing strategy—you know what you want to say in your posts, how you want to connect with your audience, and what content you plan to share. You’re on your way to a strong social media presence. But have you thought about what time of day is the best to post? Or how many characters your posts should be? These things may seem small, but paying attention to them can elevate your social media presence and demonstrate a mastery of the space that signals your expertise to your audience. Here are four simple things to add to your B2B social media strategy: Post at

The “big three” of B2B social media marketing—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—are well established and the ways they can boost your marketing are well documented. Almost every B2B marketer understands why it’s important to maintain a presence and have a strategy for those sites. But many B2B marketers shy away from another of the most popular forms of social media: Instagram. Whether they perceive it as a site for teens only, believe their company would have nothing to share, or worry that its popularity is a fad, “Instagram for B2B” is often ignored as a possible strategy. While Instagram isn’t for every company, there are plenty of reasons to make it part

Twitter is what you make of it. It can be a great place to interact with others in your industry and a consistent source of leads and news—or it can be a confusing mess of irrelevant information and spam. Having a good B2B Twitter strategy in place will help you make the most of your social media experience. There are two parts to a good Twitter strategy: maximizing interaction, especially with industry influencers, and minimizing spam. Maximizing Interaction It can be tough to put the “social” in “social media” as a B2B company. So many people are talking, and it’s hard to hear them all, let alone respond. Here are a few

When you first join a social network like Twitter, it can be daunting. The many options for customization can be confusing and the ins and outs of interaction unfamiliar. Even if you’ve had a Twitter account for a while, you may have missed some important aspects of using it. This is especially true for B2B Twitter accounts. Which parts of Twitter are truly useful for B2B companies, and which are primarily for individuals interacting with their friends? If you’re new to Twitter, or you’re unsure if your account is optimized for B2B usage, here’s a handy checklist to help you make the most of Twitter: Creating your profile When you create your B2B

Is your B2B company still not active on social media? Did your company get started on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter, but become discouraged because no one followed your company – or “liked” its posts? Do you have competitors who have an active social media presence – but no idea how to get your company there? If so, you already know how overwhelming social media – and finding people to connect and engage with – can be. But, what you don’t know is that there are a few basic steps you can take to revive your B2B social media presence. Here are 7 things you can do to bring