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December 2014

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We’re pleased to announce that Boomm’s work on the website for PeopleScout, a leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), has been recognized with a second award in three months! The website recently won the MarCom 2014 Platinum Award in the B2B Websites category. The Platinum Award recognizes the most outstanding entries in each marketing and communications category. In October, the PeopleScout website was also honored with a Certificate of Excellence in Graphic Design USA’s American Graphic Design Awards. Despite its #1 position as a global RPO provider, PeopleScout was not widely recognized as a thought leader in its field. So Boomm overhauled PeopleScout’s website to improve the user experience, making

Marketers love a great brand story – especially those with a happy ending. It’s common for marketing books and blogs to showcase campaigns that broke out by expressing value propositions crystallized from deep consumer insights, ensconcing a brand’s reputation. Less frequently we hear about B2B value propositions, gleaned from customer research results, that helped write a brand’s success story. Think back to your college marketing courses – or as recently as the latest webinar you’ve attended. Professors and presenters trot out B2C case study staples. The Volkswagen Beetle “Think Small” campaign of the 1950s, which celebrated a demographic that didn’t need to express themselves through the size of their car. The

Boomm recently received two marketing awards for our work in public relations and design. Three of our projects—website design and a recruitment process outsourcing “explainer video” for PeopleScout, and corporate image advertisements for OSI Group—received Certificates of Excellence from Graphic Design USA’s American Graphic Design Awards. The PeopleScout website and video were designed to improve the company’s brand profile and increase customer understanding of RPO, while the OSI advertisements were aimed at enhancing its corporate image. GDUSA looks for the best design projects from a wide range of fields. Boomm also received a 2014 Tower Award from the Chicago chapter of the Business Marketing Association, which honors the best B2B marketing

When you first join a social network like Twitter, it can be daunting. The many options for customization can be confusing and the ins and outs of interaction unfamiliar. Even if you’ve had a Twitter account for a while, you may have missed some important aspects of using it. This is especially true for B2B Twitter accounts. Which parts of Twitter are truly useful for B2B companies, and which are primarily for individuals interacting with their friends? If you’re new to Twitter, or you’re unsure if your account is optimized for B2B usage, here’s a handy checklist to help you make the most of Twitter: Creating your profile When you create your B2B

In the busy marketing world, acronyms are a way to save time…but they can really pile up and get confusing. Ever catch yourself saying an acronym without really knowing what it means? Ever wonder what you would sound like to someone who’s never heard a B2B acronym before? In Boomm’s latest InFAUXgraphic, we offer you a guide to some of the most common acronyms in the marketing industry.  

We're pleased to announce that Boomm has been honored in the Web Marketing Association’s WebAward 2014 competition with a B2B Standard of Excellence Award! This award recognizes above-average B2B websites - we received it for Boomm’s website building work for Magnetrol International Incorporated. Magnetrol is a global leader in the innovation and manufacture of level and flow instrumentation for process industries. Boomm created an easily navigable website for them, with intuitive organization to make Magnetrol’s diverse range of products easier to find. The website was also designed with inbound marketing in mind, helping Magnetrol generate and convert sales leads. As a result of Boomm’s work on the site navigation, website building, and SEO optimization,

Everyone knows a meeting is better with food. But not all meeting food is created equal. Is your agency trying to send a subtle (or not-so-subtle) message with the type of sandwiches it selected? Is that box of coffee merely a friendly gesture, or also a hint that the meeting is going to run long? And what does it mean when there’s no food in the meeting at all? Our latest Boomm InFAUXgraphic offers you a starter guide to the hidden meanings behind what your agency is serving you for lunch. Got any stories about memorable meeting snacks? Tell us in the comments! And check out more InFAUXgraphics here.    

What will $272 get you? One three-day pass to Lollapalooza, if you snagged it before they sold out. A decent dinner for two if your gastronomic bar is not set ridiculously high. Or, a qualified lead, if you're an average B2B marketer. According to Advertising Age's 2014 B-to-B Marketing Fact Pack, $272 is the average cost of a qualified lead, up 10% over the previous year. Given the cost it takes to obtain that quality lead, it's useful to look at what the report identifies as B2B lead generation best practices, as well as how marketing peers judge the performance of their lead generating initiatives. What Qualifies a Qualified Lead? So, how do B2B