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December 2014

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We’re pleased to announce that Boomm’s work on the website for PeopleScout, a leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), has been recognized with a second award in three months! The website recently won the MarCom 2014 Platinum Award in the B2B Websites category. The Platinum Award recognizes the most outstanding entries in each marketing and communications category. In October, the PeopleScout website was also honored with a Certificate of Excellence in Graphic Design USA’s American Graphic Design Awards. Despite its #1 position as a global RPO provider, PeopleScout was not widely recognized as a thought leader in its field. So Boomm overhauled PeopleScout’s website to improve the user experience, making

Marketers love a great brand story – especially those with a happy ending. It’s common for marketing books and blogs to showcase campaigns that broke out by expressing value propositions crystallized from deep consumer insights, ensconcing a brand’s reputation. Less frequently we hear about B2B value propositions, gleaned from customer research results, that helped write a brand’s success story. Think back to your college marketing courses – or as recently as the latest webinar you’ve attended. Professors and presenters trot out B2C case study staples. The Volkswagen Beetle “Think Small” campaign of the 1950s, which celebrated a demographic that didn’t need to express themselves through the size of their car. The