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August 2014

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Everyone knows a meeting is better with food. But not all meeting food is created equal. Is your agency trying to send a subtle (or not-so-subtle) message with the type of sandwiches it selected? Is that box of coffee merely a friendly gesture, or also a hint that the meeting is going to run long? And what does it mean when there’s no food in the meeting at all? Our latest Boomm InFAUXgraphic offers you a starter guide to the hidden meanings behind what your agency is serving you for lunch. Got any stories about memorable meeting snacks? Tell us in the comments! And check out more InFAUXgraphics here.    

What will $272 get you? One three-day pass to Lollapalooza, if you snagged it before they sold out. A decent dinner for two if your gastronomic bar is not set ridiculously high. Or, a qualified lead, if you're an average B2B marketer. According to Advertising Age's 2014 B-to-B Marketing Fact Pack, $272 is the average cost of a qualified lead, up 10% over the previous year. Given the cost it takes to obtain that quality lead, it's useful to look at what the report identifies as B2B lead generation best practices, as well as how marketing peers judge the performance of their lead generating initiatives. What Qualifies a Qualified Lead? So, how do B2B