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May 2012

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Direct email continues to be a dependable marketing channel to deliver your message to a targeted audience. This week, we're thinking about the unique challenges that B2B marketers face and we'd like to share this excerpt from Marketing Sherpa's 2012 B2B Email Marketing Benchmark Study. It's got some great charts and statistics by which you can measure your performance and preparedness to capture new sales via email marketing. For example, did you know: - 67% of B2B organizations plan to increase their email marketing budgets in 2012 - Landing pages, not subject lines, can be tested most effectively to improve overall performance. - Both B2B and B2C marketers are rapidly preparing their email marketing

This week, we joined our friends at Women's Foodservice Forum for an interesting discussion regarding diversity hiring and promotions in the workplace. The speaker reinforced the concept that a company's "tone at the top" does more to promote critical missions throughout the organization than any other tactic in play.  In other words, up and down the corporate structure, employees are impacted when they see top leadership leading by example. This is also true from a marketing perspective. Employees who witness their bosses acting as brand protectors and brand ambassadors are likely to follow their example. Some of the ways that management can demonstrate good brand practice: - define a clear mission statement and

As an agency partnered with B2B marketers, Boomm is constantly working to deliver successful campaigns to our clients. We're focused on identifying the right metrics and measuring the right outcomes to ensure success and to that end, we're using a customizable dashboard that allows us to track engagements, from clicks and traffic to inquiries and lead nurturing. This week, we came across an excellent article shared by the folks at MarketingProfs that explores how to define your key goals. Give it a read, set your goals and measure your success.