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June 2018

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by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director For a few memorable years, my office spanned the great divide. I’m not talking about the Grand Canyon or even Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park. Oh no, this geographic rift was far more monumental. I worked directly on the borderline between B2C and B2B. In those days, my agency offered both B2C and B2B services, and my office marked the separation line between the two groups. In fact, I was the only individual on staff that worked on both B2C and B2B accounts, so I saw the best and worst of the two worlds. It was a tumultuous time. One moment we were concepting a fashion insert

by Kathryn Brill, Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist Are you burnt out on B2B social media? It seems like marketers are becoming increasingly disillusioned with social media, and wondering what purpose it truly serves their business. And who could blame them? Many marketers were sold on social with grand promises—millions of followers, thousands of leads—only to discover that the reality was much different. The powerful influence that social media has on B2C brands was tempting, but social doesn’t always produce the same results when it comes to B2B. In addition, social media itself has been overrun by bots and fake followers, mired in data scandals, and ruled by algorithms that