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August 2015

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Some days, we need a little marketing inspiration. How can we take our blogging to the next level? Is there an innovative way to generate more leads? What are other marketers doing to create solutions for their clients and take advantage of the wide range of resources available? If you’re looking to be inspired, consider checking out our library of resources that touch on some of the most critical topics for today’s marketers. From email marketing to SEO, social media to website design, we’ve got free ebooks and white papers with helpful tips and strategies, as well as case studies that show how we’ve applied some of these strategies to work

Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are an essential part of every website—they draw in new customers, create conversions, and generate leads. But when you have a low click rate, failed conversions, or no new contacts, it feels like CTAs aren’t living up to their promise. If your CTAs are going unclicked, you may need to change your approach to make them more compelling. Here are four CTA best practices to ensure your CTAs do their jobs: Make sure the CTA is fully functional. As simple as it sounds, some CTAs may not be generating leads because of an error in setup or function. Double-check that your CTAs link to the correct page, that

The “big three” of B2B social media marketing—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—are well established and the ways they can boost your marketing are well documented. Almost every B2B marketer understands why it’s important to maintain a presence and have a strategy for those sites. But many B2B marketers shy away from another of the most popular forms of social media: Instagram. Whether they perceive it as a site for teens only, believe their company would have nothing to share, or worry that its popularity is a fad, “Instagram for B2B” is often ignored as a possible strategy. While Instagram isn’t for every company, there are plenty of reasons to make it part

What if there was a single tool that solved your content creation and maintenance problems? While there’s no such thing as a magic bullet, using an editorial calendar as part of your content marketing strategy does help with many common problems. An editorial calendar is an organizational system that lays out the dates, subjects, SEO keywords and other important information for your content throughout the year, such as social media posts, white papers, or blog posts. It’s created in advance, so it’s a plan for the future, not a list of what’s already been done. And it can make a content marketer’s life much, much easier. Here are a few issues