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April 2015

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How well do you know your target audience? You may understand the basic demographics of your customer base, but gaining a deeper understanding can take your marketing to the next level. There are many tools that can help grow your understanding of your audience. One of these tools is a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a representation of a member of your target audience. It’s a prototype—it doesn’t represent a specific individual, but it does have characteristics that many individual customers have. The goal is not to replicate one buyer’s identity in complete accuracy. It’s to better understand the motivations and pain points of the average customer in order to

Boomm recently received a Gold Award from the 2015 AVA Awards for its achievements in digital advertising. The AVA Digital Awards are held by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. According to the Association, only 18% of the 2,500 entries received a Gold Award this year. Boomm’s award-winning video was created on behalf of Magnetrol International, a global leader in level and flow instrumentation. Magnetrol needed to get customers’ attention at PowerGen, the power industry’s primary North American trade show. The digital media buy allowed for a 24-second display banner within a rotation of other ads. Boomm put a unique spin on this by creating three 8-second video spots, which

Are you ready for April 21, 2015? That’s the date when Google has said it will update its search algorithm in order to improve the quality of its search results. Google updates its algorithm periodically, to keep up with search trends, device usage, and innovations in webpage designs. This Google algorithm update is specifically designed to improve the quality of mobile search by making sure mobile-optimized pages show up first in results. Why is this important for you and your company? Simply put, if your site is not optimized for mobile, the Google algorithm update will downgrade its rank. Other sites that are more mobile-friendly will show up ahead of your site in

Boomm knows that business blogging can be challenging and time-consuming, and we’d like to help. So we’ve launched a new ebook, “Introduction to Business Blogging,” all about generating, optimizing and promoting blog content. This blog post, and the others in the series, are just a sample of what you’ll find in the ebook. Download it here! Blogs are all around us online, so when starting or growing a business blog, it might seem like a great idea to mimic the best practices of a successful or popular blog. But while blogging inspiration can be found anywhere, business blogs have different goals than blogs that provide entertainment or news. While sites like Gawker