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January 2016

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Is Google+ dead? As far as social media networks go, it’s never been as robust or popular as Facebook or Twitter, so some people have been asking this question for a while. But this time, there might be some truth to the reports that Google+ is on its last legs. Google has made some changes to Google+ over the past year that should affect your B2B social media strategy and change the way you use the social network. Over the past year, Google has taken many steps to distance itself from the network. The main champion of Google+, Vic Gundotra, resigned in 2014, and his successor, Bradley Horowitz, announced that he

Is print dead? For most marketers, digital advertising now reigns supreme, and many have cut print out of their strategies altogether. But new research shows that print media advertising offers some surprising advantages to help marketers stand out from the crowd. A new study by True Impact Marketing, as reported by the Toronto Star, measured the effects of print media on viewers. Researchers tracked the eye movements, brain activity and pupil dilation of 270 participants as they viewed mock ads in both print and digital formats. After exposure to the ads, participants were tested to see how well they remembered the advertising messages. The aim of the study was to understand

We’re excited to introduce our newest member of the Boomm team: Melissa Gagnon. Gagnon has extensive experience as a marketing manager and project manager, as well as with media and trade show marketing. Gagnon most recently served as marketing manager for the Radiological Society of North America. She started her marketing career with Rhea + Kaiser Marketing Communications and worked there in a variety of project management capacities. “Melissa’s knowledge of how to use agency resources to optimize campaign ROI for our client partners is an important addition to our team,” said Boomm CEO Gary Mattes. “She’ll enable us to provide a higher level of client service and process efficiency to the businesses we