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November 2015

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Your website is outdated, slow, and glitchy. You’re ready to bring your company up to speed by creating a beautiful, functional site that will engage your customers. So all you have to do is find a digital agency and get that redesign started, right? Not so fast. If you approach your B2B website design without a clear plan and goals in mind, your new website might look shiny, but it won’t help you connect with customers or keep up with your competition. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to help you determine what you really want out of a new website: How can your website support your marketing strategy? A website

Getting your B2B marketing email into your customers’ inboxes is only half the battle. Once it’s there, you have to convince them that it’s worth their while to open it, read it, and click on your links. Whether they open your email or not usually has a lot to do with your subject line. Here are a few best practices for creating B2B email subject lines that stand out and attract clicks from your customers: Avoid words that trigger spam filters. Many spam filters are triggered by specific words and phrases as well as email frequency and email source. For instance, “Free Ebook!!!” seems like a good, compelling subject line, but