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September 2015

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PR practitioners, beginners and pros alike, benefit from journalists’ first-hand advice on pitching best practices. Boomm enjoyed a refresher course on a critical component of public relations strategies – media outreach – when our team attended the latest HARO Connects event. HARO, a free service that connects the media with subject matter experts, hosted Chicago Tribune reporters Becky Yerak, William Hageman and Nara Schoenberg in a lively panel discussion about what reporters want. Some of the tips were old, some were new and some even busted stubborn PR beliefs. All should help you refine successful public relations strategies. Here’s a top line of the after-hours conversation: [caption id="attachment_5040" align="alignright" width="290"]

So you’ve created your B2B social media marketing strategy—you know what you want to say in your posts, how you want to connect with your audience, and what content you plan to share. You’re on your way to a strong social media presence. But have you thought about what time of day is the best to post? Or how many characters your posts should be? These things may seem small, but paying attention to them can elevate your social media presence and demonstrate a mastery of the space that signals your expertise to your audience. Here are four simple things to add to your B2B social media strategy: Post at