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May 2015

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Boomm recently had three projects receive recognition from the 2015 Hermes Awards. The Hermes Awards honor excellence in creative communication and advertising from around the world. Two projects received Gold Awards, both created on behalf of Magnetrol International, Inc., a global supplier of level and flow instrumentation technology. One was a series of print ads that showed the benefits of using Magnetrol products. The other project was a solution to attract visitors to Magnetrol’s booth at PowerGen, a leading North American trade show in the power industry. Boomm created three 8-second video spots for a digital display banner. This is the fourth award that the digital display videos have received. Boomm also

If you’ve searched for something on Google recently, your results might have included a widget at the top of the page that displayed some information related to your search. This widget is the Google Answer Box, and it appears on certain Google searches—usually, ones with definitional answers, such as “weather St. Louis” or “what is B2B marketing.” It contains a few lines of text about the topic, almost always pulled directly from a website, and a link to the website that it pulled the text from. Google hasn’t talked much about it, but the Answer Box seems designed to help searchers get the most out of results and find answers more

The best B2B email marketing in the world is useless if it never gets seen. Yet many marketers focus exclusively on creating shiny content, not on whether that content will actually get in front of customers’ eyes. It’s important to take steps to make sure that your customers are receiving, opening, and clicking through your emails. In this day and age of instant communication, we often assume that everything we send will be received immediately. But when it comes to email, things like spam folders and bounces can keep your B2B email marketing from ever entering a customer’s inbox in the first place. While you’ll never be able to guarantee that