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April 2014

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Internet usage is growing rapidly and you need to be there when prospects are looking for the products and services that your company offers. Your corporate website may be the most important factor in your inbound marketing strategy, but digital marketing success requires more than just having a website. Once you’ve begun driving traffic to your website and engaging visitors with compelling content, you need to convert your visitors from prospects into sales leads. You can accomplish this by adding call-to-action (CTA) images and text across your website. The goal of a CTA is to drive a visitor to take a desired action, such as subscribing to you newsletter, downloading a free ebook

Using the first two blog posts in our B2B website best practices series, you should be well on your way to helping your company get found online and improving the user experience on your company’s website. Now, it’s time for you to begin building compelling content for your website visitors. Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. With the rise of inbound marketing, content has become front and center in the minds of marketers. Content is also what search engines and people are looking for, what drives visitors to your site – and what turns prospects into leads. Here are seven best practices you can use to create great

In last week’s blog post, we discussed 5 B2B website best practices that you can use to help get your company found online. Now that you are generating more website traffic for your company, you need to focus on getting that traffic to stay on your website. It depends on the industry, but most websites have a 30-60% bounce rate on average. This means that a majority of the traffic that enters your corporate website leaves without navigating to any other pages. And they may never come back! To engage visitors, you need to pay close attention to the design and usability of your company’s website. Here are some tips you can

Most B2B marketers today realize that their company’s website is an essential piece of their online marketing strategy. Every B2B company needs an online presence to reach buyers in the Internet age. But, a great website isn’t so great if no one visits it. That’s why your website needs to not just exist, it needs to become an inbound marketing machine that attracts visitors, educates them and convinces them to buy. To make the most of your website, you need to know how to help your company get found online. This process begins with search engine optimization (SEO), an absolute must-have for any website, but it takes hard work to reach page