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September 2013

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As the leading search engine, and with no indication of relinquishing this position anytime soon, Google has always driven how marketers conduct SEO and search engine marketing (SEM), with its algorithm being the holy grail of how to get found online. B-to-B Internet marketing practitioners have tipped their hats to Google’s methods by optimizing off-page meta data and on-page content, nurturing “link love” with inbound links from external sources and otherwise trying to game the highly competitive ranking system for that coveted Page 1 appearance. With its Penguin 2.0 update, Google continues to level the playing field for websites that provide real value to users. In a nutshell, Google is rewarding sites

This past Labor Day, Boomm Interactive Art Director Josh Laabs took part in a very special event to honor veterans in the Chicago area. Josh and his wife Heidi worked with the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation to honor veterans from the Covenant Village of Northbrook retirement community with flights in a WWII Boeing Stearman bi-plane.   During the event, eight veterans from the retirement community donned helmets and goggles at the Executive Airport in Wheeling, Illinois before enjoying a 20-minute ride in the two-person open-cockpit plane. As this photo shows, the residents were delighted by this opportunity to take flight. Visit us on Facebook to see more photos from this event.

Social networks like Twitter make it easier than ever to connect with customers and prospects. Once you have launched your Twitter presence, begun posting interesting status updates and started networking with other Twitter users, the final step in your B-to-B Twitter strategy is communicating with other users who are publicly promoting your company – or sending you private direct messages. Communicating with Other Users Using Twitter to promote your company and its products – and get readers to visit your company’s website – is the basis of all communication on Twitter. But there are other ways that you can use your B-to-B Twitter account to communicate – and connect – with other users.

Using the first two blog posts in our B-to-B Twitter series, you should have already created a Twitter profile for your company and begun posting interesting tweets. Now, you need to begin building an audience for your company on Twitter. Connecting with Other Users on Twitter Being “social” is the key to social media success. So, it’s important to be as polite and responsive to people on Twitter as you are in all other aspects of your business. To see who is talking about – or trying to interact with – your company, click the @ Connect link near the upper left corner of your Twitter profile. This will display a list of all