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July 2013

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In last week’s blog post, we showed you how to create an effective B-to-B Facebook business page to generate sales leads for your company. Now, we’re going to explain how you can build engagement on Facebook by posting interesting status updates. The Importance of Posting Company Updates on Facebook While designing your business page and adding custom tabs are important, it’s worth noting that many people who “like” your page may never visit it again. That’s why posting status updates is the key to the success of your business page. Even if people who liked your page never return to it, you can still engage them by posting status updates that show

Digital marketing success requires much more than a corporate website. That’s why blogging and social media are taking a lead role in today’s brave new marketing landscape – and Facebook has become a marketing hot spot for B-to-B companies. Whether you’re looking to generate sales leads or expand your existing customer relationships, a B-to-B Facebook page can help buyers find you when they’re researching products and services. According to a 2011 marketing study by Penton Media, 90% of B-to-B marketers are active on Facebook. A 2012 survey by Mindwave Research also revealed that 61% of respondents who buy complex technical products are most influenced by communications with colleagues – and that

Mobile platforms are becoming more of a consideration when it comes to B-to-B Internet marketing. If you are trying to market on the mobile web, you need to consider the importance of creating entertaining and quality content that users can easily consume on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. Optimizing for Mobile Users Mobile marketing is being tossed around frequently in marketing circles, often with many different intended meanings. While mobile marketing can mean many things, there is one primary message being conveyed for marketers looking to take advantage of mobile: Optimize for mobile devices. While developing a mobile application relative to your business is another option, most businesses are still

According to industry research, 70% of your leads will end up buying something from you or one of your competitors, but they won’t do it right away! Companies that use B-to-B Internet marketing to build relationships with their leads over time have the greatest success in turning leads into customers by staying top-of-mind until the lead is ready to buy. Lead nurturing is the process of developing that relationship with your potential customer by sending targeted, relevant and valuable messages to them in a timely manner. The end goal is to get your leads to “raise their hand” and self-select into further engaging with your business. Here are some email marketing

Using the first four blog posts in our B-to-B Internet marketing series, you should have already launched your blog, optimized your site for search engines and started promoting your content via social media. If it’s been several weeks, by now you should start to see a spike in traffic to your website. There's only one problem. All that traffic to your site isn't leading to any new business! People are visiting your site, but those visits aren't leading to new customers – or even new sales leads. So what do you do? Simple. Focus on conversion. Focus on converting more of your website visitors into sales leads. To do this, decide on a