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LabVantage – Lead Generation

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Lead Generation

The objective: Develop a highly targeted, industry-specific lead generation campaign that would motivate prospects to request a demo from LabVantage

The challenge: LabVantage had the most modern, advanced and accessible laboratory information management system (LIMS) platform available. But to sell it in, they first had to get in front of the right companies. That meant generating qualified leads from C-Suite decision makers and getting them to request a demo.

The campaign: For LabVantage, Boomm knew that a new white paper based on the most current prospect pain points would be the only way to capture interest. This big picture approach was essential because the decision to purchase a new LIMS is significant, and involves multiple titles with differing agendas and motivators.

The topics covered in the white paper included the C-Suite’s most pressing objectives: data management across the organization, maintaining an environment of complete compliance, achieving more efficiency with fewer resources, a strategy for scalability and proving ROI on every level.

The results: The LabVantage lead generation campaign was the strongest performing campaign in the client’s history. It generated more than 190 C-Suite leads. Most importantly, it resulted in 21 requests for demos and several new clients for LabVantage.

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