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Magnetrol International

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Magnetrol International

The objective: Build a leading global instrumentation manufacturer a website as cutting-edge as its technology


The challenge: Magnetrol International is known worldwide for its innovation in level and flow measurement. The company needed its website to perform with similar excellence.


The campaign: Boomm’s redesign featured better information architecture, calls to action on every page and an e-commerce-like interface that allowed customers to easily navigate between Magnetrol products. The new site was built with inbound marketing in mind and integrated seamlessly with marketing automation software.


The results: Customers, prospects and sales reps alike were able to more easily view the full line of Magnetrol products and compare them to each other. More than 30 of the newly SEO-optimized pages reached page 1 of Google within one month of the website launch. And the new website earned Summit and MarCom awards.


Magnetrol International


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