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Conagra Foodservice

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Conagra Foodservice

The objective: Share a compelling brand story with busy foodservice decision makers


The challenge: Conagra Foodservice’s Angela Mia tomatoes take a remarkable journey from the fields of California’s San Joaquin Valley to restaurants nationwide. The company wanted to share this story to help foodservice professionals understand why the fresh taste of Angela Mia belonged in their operations. But these decision makers have very little downtime—so they needed to be reached in a way that accommodated their busy schedule.


The campaign: Boomm produced a brief video to capture the story behind the fresh flavor. Titled “From Field to Fork,” it followed the tomatoes along the path they take to reach patrons’ plates.  Foodservice decision makers could learn about the quality, sustainability, variety and fresh taste of Angela Mia—in just three minutes.


The results: The video has generated far more views than any other videos posted by Angela Mia. It also earned a Summit Creative Award for video excellence.


Conagra Foodservice


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