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September 2016

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by Randy Mitchell, Creative Director A restaurant owner in San Antonio just changed her menu. Whose advice did she follow? A university cafeteria director in Pennsylvania just bought a new electric steamer. What influenced his decision? A millennial operator in Florida just upgraded his supply inventory tracking system. Where did he research his technology options? If you could follow those foodservice professionals from the first moment of consideration all the way up to the moment of decision, it would be a fascinating experience. Then you could see first-hand what truly influenced their actions at every stage of their purchase decision journeys. You would also find some surprising insights along the way. That dynamic decision-making journey

Many B2B companies are starting to include webinars as part of their marketing mix. And it’s a smart move—webinars generate leads, demonstrate thought leadership, and build up content that can be used in the future. But a great webinar isn’t something you can just throw together. It takes careful planning and targeted promotion. Let these webinar best practices guide your planning: Determine what you want your webinar to be. What are your objectives? What content do you want to cover? Who do you want to target as your audience? How do you want to present your content? Answer these questions in a concrete and specific way and develop a strong plan