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Magnetrol Rebranding

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The objective: Revitalize a venerable brand and show every market why its solutions matter

The challenge: Magnetrol International, Inc. is a global provider of level measurement solutions with over 85 years of innovation under its belt. But it wanted to refresh its brand messaging to focus customer attention on important values and stay top of mind for industry decision makers.

The solution: Boomm worked with Magnetrol to develop a new brand voice and vision. We summed up the Magnetrol mission in two simple words: Level Matters. The idea was to emphasize the importance of level control across industries and applications—and establish Magnetrol as the leader in reliable, efficient level measurement.

Boomm created an application- and solutions-based ad campaign with vibrant, eye-catching graphics to broadcast this new message. We also produced a fresh take on their classic logo to give the brand a more modern feel overall.

The results: Response to the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive. Engagement with Magnetrol ads has increased—Magnetrol landing pages saw a 50% increase in visits from ads in July 2018, the first month the campaign ran, compared to July of the previous year. And just as importantly, Magnetrol is promoting their strengths in the most relevant way—level expertise that improves productivity, safety and reliability across multiple industries.




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