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Industrial Steel and Wire

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Industrial Steel and Wire

The objective: Tell a creative, compelling story about what wire can do for you

The challenge: Wire isn’t typically thought of as a superstar product. But it’s an integral part of many industries, playing an important role in manufacturing, construction and much more. Industrial Steel and Wire, a strip and wire distributor, wanted to highlight the importance of wire and the high-quality services the company provides.

The campaign: Boomm created an ad featuring a tightrope walker balanced precariously over Niagara Falls. The message? Wire can be the difference between a good day and a bad day—and Industrial Steel and Wire should be your trusted supplier. We also created a striking booth for use at trade shows, providing a way for ISW to stand out and reach new customers.

The results: Eye-catching design that helps make an impact on new and returning customers and gives ISW an edge in the industry.

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